Luxury Austin Apartments
        Are you looking for a Downtown Austin Apartment,
             or other Luxury Austin Apartments ?  We CAN HELP!
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         Frequently asked questions
                           1. Do you have any thing available now? 
                                         Yes, when can I show you?

                          2. I owe a property money, can I find a Luxury Apartment?                        
                                       Yes, but we are a bit more limited.
                         3. Do I need good credit?

                                       We can work with all credit!

                         4. Can I pre-lease or lease site unseen?
                          Of course you can, making a move from across the country or from                                      anywhere can be stressful enough, woulndt it be nice to know that you                                 will have a great place waiting for you when you arrive?

                         5. Ok, but how much do I pay you?
                           ZIP, ZERO, NADA!  Thats one of the many benefits dealing with us, you
                         do not pay  for our apartment locating service in any way, shape or form!
                          The Apartment communities pay us to bring them qualified residents,                                  you do NOT receive a price break if you go on your own, the only thing                               you gain by going on your own is frustration and more miles on your car!

                        6. How long have you lived in the Austin area?  
                        I have been in the Austin area for over 50 years,  if you want someone                                    who really knows the I am.

        Life IS GREENER on the Other side!
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